Remember when the line that the current monopolist gave when we got our first personal computers. One quote: The advent of the microprocessor did not inspire IBM or any other large company to begin producing personal computers. Time after time, the big computer companies overlooked the opportunity to bring computing capabilities to a much broader market. In some cases, they turned down explicit proposals by their own engineers to build such machines. 

- Each of us were to be a subject getting information from different sources.
- We then got email and subscribed to bulletin boards where we felt a sense of community on different topics. We were to be the centre of information.
- Today, all our information is in data servers, most of the programmes/apps and the algorythms used to process these tell us that unless we are part of this big centralised service, we cannot reap the benefits of IT. After all it is easier to converse with your neighbour, through these centralised servers.. zoom, whatsapp, twitter, instagram.
- Even the so called services committed to privacy, need your data to be in a large server.