The Ministry of Home Affairs has recently constituted a committee for reforming the criminal law system in our country. Such a move at a time of a public health crisis, at a time when the government is already dismantling and diluting various other laws is highly problematic and betrays the real intention. The establishment of the Committee by the MHA, as opposed to the Law Commission looking into the same raise further doubts. Also problematic is the constitution of the Committee - all male, Delhi based and from the dominant class- and its functioning. The public have been given just 2 weeks time to fill out answers to questions within 200 words in English all online. The entire process is exclusionary, does not envisage any real consultation, and only seeks to consult "experts". This entire process appears to be a pretence for changing the fundamentals of our criminal law system during this public health crisis. We urge you to sign the representation challenging such a sham exercise:

email to committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Extract from a response.. We are former judges, lawyers, academics and former bureaucrats working with the criminal justice system across the country. We are writing in response to the call for consultation issued by the Committee for Reforms in Criminal Laws...For such  ngagement to proceed on a good faith basis, we call upon the Committee  to demonstrate its bonafides and its commitment to a rigorous law reform exercise by ensuring full transparency regarding its constitution and its functioning.... We therefore call on the Committee and
the University to:
a. Release upfront, in one single tranche, the list of all questions/issues on which the Committee will be seeking inputs...

b. Provide at least 3 months time for stakeholders to respond to all questions/issues....

c. Ensure that the questionnaires are made available in all major Indian languages...

d. Remove word limits for responding to the questions...

e. Include more expertise and diversity. ..f. Provide additional mechanisms for inputs. 

f. Commit to transparency and greater stakeholder engagement in the functioning of the Committee.

Signed by 14 former judges, 52 lawyers, 3 Academicians..

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Pandemic and the Welfare State Discussion (Third discussion in the webinar series) on WORK FOR ALL along with the Speakers: Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary, AITUC, Amit Basole: Director, Centre For Sustainable Employment, Nikhil Dey: Founder member, MKSS, Clifton Roario: National Secretary, All India Central Council of Trade Unions

Adani is saving 51 rupees per tonne(of coal) if they take it through Goa. We are saying take it directly, the coal is coming from Australia and Indonesia, they can take it through the Eastern Coast and take it directly. For the sake of 51 rupees per tonne, they are out to destroy all of Goa.

In conversation with Avertino Miranda. An environmental activist and Coordinator in the Goa Green Brigade and part of the resistance in Goa against the 3 projects passed by the government.